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Chayo returns to her hometown to care for her elderly mother and cope with her death. Surrounded by love and sublime beauty, Chayo has to give up something that as a woman and mother is inalienable. That will be the price of her freedom.

Margarita Saldaña, Amalia Salas, Juan Chirinos

Written by Enrique Rivero and Aleka Rivero
Directed by Enrique Rivero
Cinematographer Arnau Valls Colomer and Gerardo Barroso
Art Director Christopher Lagunes
Sound Recording Jose Miguel Enriquez
Sound Design and Original Music Alejandro de Icaza
Postproduction Terminal Mx
General Coordinator Fernando Delgado
Line Producer María Fernanda Galindo
Produced by Paola Herrera and Enrique Rivero
Coproduced by Gerardo Morán
Production Una Comunion
In coproduction with Zamora Films, Celuloide Films and Simplemente
With the support of Hubert Bals Fund from the IFF Rotterdam and
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Filmed thanks to the tax incentive of the law 226 of ISR (EFICINE Mexico)

Festival Agent Pascale Ramonda
Mexican Distributor: Canana
French Distributor: Zootrope Films


World Premier in International Competition, Rome IFF (November, 2012)
Best Technical Contribution (Rome 2012)
Special Prize (Huelva 2012)
Award “Radio Exterior de España” to the  film that better reflects the iberoamerican reality (Huelva 2012).
Award to the film that better shows the solidarity (Huelva 2012).
Award to the best film from the readers “Huelva Información” (Huelva 2012).
Award “Ahora Mexico” (FICUNAM, Mexico 2013)
“The Canvas Award” to the best Film, Mooov (Belgium 2013)