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Beto is the keeper of a house in Mexico City –empty for several years already- in which he used to work as a domestic help. The solitude of the last ten years, as well as the monotony and routine of his job have made him lead a secluded life, which could seem suffocating for most people, whereas for him it provides a safe and stable environment, in contrast to the threatening outside world. He has developed a pathological fear for this world, to the point of limiting his contacts to only two persons: the lady of the house, for whom he has a feeling of deep gratitude and respect that is translated into obedience; and Lupe, a friend, a confident and a lover. Once he learns that the house will soon be sold, Beto is confronted with the dilemma of gathering the courage to get out and get a life or find a way of remaining in his confinement.

Nolberto Coria, Nancy Orozco and Tesalia Huerta


Written and directed by Enrique Rivero
Produced by Paola Herrera and Enrique Rivero
Cinematographer Arnau Valls Colomer
Art Director Nohemí Gonzalez
Sound Recorder Raúl Locatelli
Edition Enrique Rivero and Javier Ruiz Caldera
Sound Designer Alejandro de Icaza
Postproduction Terminal
Postproduction supervisors Joakim Ziegler and Øyvind Stiauren
Production Una Comunión
In association with Estudios Churubusco Azteca
Filmed thanks to the tax incentive of the law 226 of ISR (EFICINE Mexico)

Golden Leopard and FIPRESCI (Locarno 2008) Special Mention (San Sebastian 2008) Best Latinoamerican film and Audience Award (Mexico City 2008) Audience Award and Best Director  (Valdivia 2008) Best First Film, Best Script and Architecture College Award (Huelva 2008)  Golden Globe Best Film and Best Actor (Nantes 2008) Coral Best First Film (Habana 2008) Golden Crow Pheasant (Kerala 2008) The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award (Göteborg 2009) Special Mention Best Director (Miami 2009) Honorific Mention (Expresión en Corto, Mexico 2009), Jury Special Mention (Film Fra Sør, Norway 2009)

Sales Agent: Fortissimo Films
Mexican D
istributor: Interior 13